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What is the anti virus program do you prefer? people’s opinions

What is the antivirus program do you prefer?  people’s opinions

We usually want to know what is the best antivirus program on the computer peoples`s prefers it to use this programs in  a computer ?we ask this question to find answers till people know it.

the question was: 

What is the anti virus program do you prefer?

and now know answers:
#1 :Personally, I use Linux and viruses aren’t a problem. Server security issues like heartbleed and shellshock and stupid passwords, yes, but not viruses as in “dangerous files to watch for”. I use clamav to filter incoming email, because unwanted messages are annoying. To check files for other people, I use virustotal online, or just basic examination (an “invoice” should not be an exe file or a script).
#2 :
CROMSHIELD gives programming answers for home clients, creating security upgrade arrangements and easy to use apparatuses. Our bolster administrations are accessible at whatever time, with the goal that you don’t need to squander your time and cash to secure nearby PC repair administrations. In spite of the fact that we don’t resolve equipment related issues, we do offer you some assistance with detecting their primary driver and have them altered by an on location bolster supplier. We trust that innovation is intended to help people, not to overburden them in overseeing it
#3 :
There is no specific preference. On windows I usually tend to use AVs which offer more manual control and I can make it the work the way I want. I want to have the ultimately authority on deciding what runs on my system and not the AV.

These days you can find AVs that touts to have Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities. While these indeed sounds futuristic and I would like to test such a product hands on; I do not prefer such products. Using such products is like driving your car way over speed limits and saying “nothing bad will happen because I paid for car-insurance”. Some people do that. I consider that crazy.
#4 :  Kaspersky
#5 : I use AVG Free mostly with Malwarebytes also. I also run Hitman Pro as it’s the best second opinion cleaner
#6 : 
since i started using chromebooks a few years ago, i haven’t used Antivirus since but if i did have to pick one, it would be Microsoft’s Windows Defender and Malwarebytes along side.#7 : Malwarebytes Anti Malware#8 : Windows Defender (formerly Windows Security Essentials). Excellent program that hasn’t let me down  once in three years. And it’s free. #9 : I use Microsoft Security Essentials, CCleaner, and Malwarebytes.

Run these at least once a week, or if you have been diverted to a different website then you intended.#10 : Avg free. But used Kaspersky.