Best Chrome Extensions ( Part One – 5 Extentions ) .

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Best Chrome Extensions ( Part One – 5 Extentions ) .

Now there are a lot of browsers but many users used google chrome because chrome is very fast, simple and google always work on develop it  by adding different options and fix the mistakes in chrome till finding chrome at this level now .

In the short time  chrome, it has become the best browser to many users . From features in the chrome, you can download anything without setup download manager or any program for downloading, just bu chrome you can download anything you want it .
Chrome now has a lot of extensions and tools you can add it to your chrome easily and by this extensions and tools, you can do a lot of things without needing other programs on your computer because this extensions and tools  make you not need to other programs .
Therefor, toady, we will know about some extensions and tools consider the best extensions for chrome in this  time because it helps you to do some things  you always need do it .

1- Boomerang For Gmail If you use Gmail and always need to send messages from your mail this extension will be very nice for you  and you will benefit many from it, this extension let you schedule your messages on Gmail, therefore you can write any message want to send it and write the mail you want to send message for his, and by this extension you can schedule your message and send it at any time .

Boomerang For Gmail

2- Project Naptha In my opinion, this extension is  very fantastic and personally like this extension because really we need it at this time, by this extension, we can copy the words are in the images. Often we have images on the internet and this images contained many words and we need to write this words,in this case,  you write words by yourself but by this extension we can copy the words in images on the internet .

Project Naptha

3- Make Gif Video Capture In this time many users need to convert his video in his computer to GIF, you can do it by the programs and sites and tools but you can do it simply by this extension for your chrome .By this extension, you can convert video are on youtube to GIF easily .

Make Gif Video Capture

4- Image Downloader This extension is very very nice and we need it often when we need to download many images from one page because if we download image one by one this order be very boring, Therefore this extension help us in this process and by this extension you can mark image you need to download it between  all images in page.

Image Downloader

5- Pixlr Editor This extension in my opinion one of the best extensions for google chrome and  not on google chrome only but you can benefit from it at somethings, Many of users now use Photoshop to edit images but there are users don`t using photoshop because photoshop size is very large and it needs high options on your device and search for the suitable alternative for photoshop, If you from this user this extension will be very nice for you, You can download this extension on your chrome and use it in editing your images as you want very easily .

Pixlr Editor