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‘Old keepers come back’Her mother’s grandfather


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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”There have been some unusual things that have happened there, for sure,” says Livingstone, affectionately known as Mrs. Lighthouse Society over the decades.’Old keepers come back’Her mother’s grandfather, Carol’s great moncler outlet sale grandfather, was William Anderson MacDonald, the lighthouse keeper at West Point for 50 years.”I think sometimes the old keepers come back and visit and see how we’re keeping the light,” she said.The West Point lighthouse had two keepers in its history William Anderson MacDonald, left, and Benjamin (Bennie) MacIsaac. (PEI Lighthouse Society)The lighthouse was moncler sale outlet converted to an inn in 1987 by a group of volunteers in the community, under the West Point Development Corporation.In the early days, volunteers would take turns staying over at the lighthouse when moncler outlet store the manager and his wife had their days off.’It kind of makes the chills run up your spine when something like that happens.’ Carol LivingstoneIf there was no one staying at the lighthouse, the volunteers would check the building and then head home.”This particular evening, I’d gone up to the top and click over here https://www.cheapmoncler.com cheap moncler came back down and on the second floor there was a dwelling,” Livingstone said.The room was known as the keeper’s quarters.”I thought I got a glimpse of something, a bearded man, over in the corner by the window on that floor,” Livingstone said.