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It bodes well for other models that will use the LC’s new GA L


The sporty appeal is emphasised by the V shaped grille, sleek headlights and coupe like stance. From the shape it is no surprise that the current 6 is best in class when it comes to aerodynamics, boasting a 0.27Cd drag coefficient. The premium design continues towards the back, with discreetly bulging wheelarches and a subtle rear spoiler on top spec models.

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online payday loans There’s plenty of grip, the steering is accurate if not alive with feedback, and the rhythm that Lexus’s engineers talk about is there in abundance as you flow from corner to corner and punch through the (mostly artificial) gears.It bodes well for other models that will use the LC’s new GA L (Global Architecture Luxury) platform, starting with next year’s new LS limousine, as well as the new GS and IS models.The LC’s interior is a mixed bag of delightful details like the door panels that flow through to the bonnet lines and on towards the grille and ergonomic mishaps. There are too many buttons and Lexus’s infuriating Remote Touch control for the infotainment system remains.Quality is exceptional, though, and the seats are really comfy, whether you go for this Luxury spec with material that flows over the seat shoulders like Superman’s cape, or the grippier seats in Sport and Sport+ models. Sport also changes the roof from glass to carbon fibre, while Sport+ adds a limited slip differential, rear wheel steering and active aerodynamics (basically a lift up rear spoiler).With the car not expected in the UK until next summer, it’s tricky to estimate pricing given varying exchange rates, but Lexus expects prices to start from around 80,000.. online payday loans

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